Technical Crew

The award winning Student Technical Crew is the back bone for all events that take place in McHale PAC. Students are trained in the Areas of Lighting, Set Construction, Sound, Projection, Video, Rigging, and Stage Management. Students are also given numerous opportunities to design in their interested areas on productions. McHale PAC is kept up to date with the latest technology in use in the Entertainment Industry today. Students on the crew learn not only about technical theatre but will also develop leadership, critical thinking, time management, and the communication skills essential in any career path.  Students who are interested in working professionally in the Technical Theatre, or the larger Technical Entertainment Industries will  graduate with considerably more experience and knowledge than most other high school theatre programs. Students do not need to know anything about theatre to join the crew, just come prepared to learn.

The McHale Tech Crew meets every Thursday after school during the school year. 

Opportunities to Get Involved

Even if you don't plan on pursuing a career in the technical theatre field, the skills you learn, and use on the crew are applicable to any career path. Leadership, Problem Solving,  and collaboration/teamwork are essential skills that you will develop/use while working on the Tech Crew. 

McHale Crew Orientation 

The McHale Crew Orientation takes place at the start of the school year in late August / early September. This is the best way to join as students will be given an overview of all the various crews in McHale. They will be trained in the basics of each area. It allows students to experience what each crew does and what the responsibilities of each area are. Orientation is held at the start of the school year there will be a call out meeting held within the first 3 weeks of school at 7pm in McHale. Orientation sessions will then occur over  a few weeks in the evenings. 

If you want to get involved mid way through the year don't Hesitate to contact Mr John Vales about how to get involved.

McHale Paid Staff

Students have the opportunity to be paid to work on rental events and projects. Students must complete the orientation, and work at least 100 hours before being eligible to be on paid staff.  Of that 100 hours: 40 hours must be completed working backstage on productions, 20 hours working Set Construction, 20 hours on Lighting, and the remaining time in an area of your choice. This is very doable within a year. Once on paid staff preference will be given to crew members who work the most unpaid (school) events.

McHale Technical Theatre Class

The Technical Theatre Class takes place during 6th period during the school day. This class is a combination of working on upcoming productions/events in McHale and learning about Design, Production, Theatre History, and more. Generally this class is open only to Sophomores through Seniors. 

USITT Student Chapter

In 2018 McHale Tech Crew Members formed the LHS Student USITT Chapter. The United States Institute of Theatre Technology is a national organization made up of Professional Designers/Technicians, Educators, Students, and Businesses. 

USITT was founded in 1960 as an organization to promote dialogue, research, and learning among practitioners of theatre design and technology. Today it has grown to include members at all levels of their careers and has embraced the new technologies being used in entertainment.  USITT is now the leader in life-long learning opportunities for the entertainment design and technology industry. 

Student Chapter activities include taking trips to see shows, tour theatres, and more. We plan on using funds raised to attend the national conference and bring in guest artists. Students plan on attending the 2021 USITT Conference in Columbus Ohio.