Theatre Awards

Master Technician Award

The Master Technician Award is given to a LHS Senior who has demonstrated their knowledge in multiple areas of Technical Theatre. Not only working on the crew they lead but also volunteering addition hours to help other crews. These students are our major leaders in our program, mentoring younger crew members, and filling in whenever needed. 

McHale Tech Crew Master Technicians

2024 - 

2023 - Emily Cole

2022 - Brooklynn Gordon

2021 - James Zinsmeister

2020 - Aaliyah Miranda

2019 - Karissa Hettinger

Carl Binney Award

Carl Binney was part of the McHale Tech Crew shortly after McHale PAC opened to the public. After graduating Carl decided to come back and volunteer his time at McHale. He initially helped with Sound then later Rigging and Set Construction. Over the years Carl donated many hours of his time working on shows with students. This award is presented to students who have demonstrated significant dedication to the McHale Tech Crew. You will find recipients of this award spending many hours here in McHale PAC. This award is known amongst the crew as the Blood, Sweat, and Tears Award. 

Carl Binney Award Recipients

2024 - 

2023 - Valeria Cortes and Annika LaOrange

2022 - Colby Anderson and Ana Romero

2021 - Zachary Schoensiegel

2020 - Nikki DeJesus, and Brooklynn Gordon

2019 - Joseph Snay

Most Promising Newcomer

Most Promising New Crew Member Award Recipients

2024 - 

2023 - Allison Miranda-Castro and Shelby Ping

2022 - Valeria Cortes, Justin Snay, and Aiden Snoeberger

2021 - Rachel Rogers

2020 - Jarod Nixon, and Ana Romero

2019 - Brooklynn Gordon, and Zachary Schoensiegel

PAC Scholarship

Performing Arts Council was founded with the mission to bring quality Shows, Concerts, and Performances to Logansport to Perform on the McHale PAC Stage. At the Conclusion of their final Performance Season they left an endowment to purchase equipment and to provide a scholarship for LHS Students who are pursuing a degree/career in any of the performing arts to assist the next generation of artists. 

Performing Arts Council Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2024 - 

2023 - Emily Cole and Michael Hill

2022 - Zachary Schoensiegel

Triple Threat Award

This is awarded to a Student who is a Crewhead on the McHale Tech Crew and has been an Actor, Singer, Musician, or Dancer onstage.

LHS/McHale PAC Tripple Threats

2024 - 

2023 - Elijah Bault

2022 - Emily Cole