Technical Specifications

Contact the PAC manager, John Vales, at for to rent McHale Performing Arts Center

Below you will find a general overview of McHale PAC's Technical Specifications.

Seating/Front of House

  • 799 in widths from 20" - 23" (815 total with 16 Handicapped/Companion Seats)

  • Capacity for 8 Wheel Chairs or up to 16 ADA/Companion seating at street level

  • Upper and Lower Lobbies

  • Restrooms located in Lower Lobby and in the High School

  • Katherine McHale Conference Room

Stage dimensions and Info

  • Proscenium width: 48 feet 0 inches

  • Proscenium height: 19 feet 6 inches

  • Fly tower height: 43 feet

  • Depth from plaster line to back wall: 32 feet

  • Distance from plaster line to the front of the thrust: 18 feet

  • Loading ramp doors: 12 feet X 12 feet

  • Truck Dock and a separate Loading Ramp both have direct access to Stage via roll up doors

  • Fly Rail and Loading Gallery on Stage Right

  • 26 Linesets (The 3 Electrics, Main, and Traveler, cannot be changed or moved )

Backstage Facilities

  • 2 large Group Dressing Rooms with Bathrooms

  • 2 Private Dressing Rooms (With Private Bathrooms)

  • Large Rehearsal/Dance Studio (52 feet by 26 feet)

  • Green Room


  • 151 Lighting Circuits (Most configured as standard dimmed circuits

  • 171 Dimmers (Dimmer, Relay, and Constant Power Modules Available)

  • ETC Gio and Ion XE Control Consoles

  • 2 ETC Source Fours with Follow Spot kits

  • Conventional, LED, and Intelligent Fixtures

  • An assortment of practical lamps, and chandeliers

  • A complete fixture inventory provided upon request


  • Allen and Heath D-Live S5000

  • Dante and Giga Ace Protocols

  • 2 Stage boxes that can provide Audio inputs anywhere in the building via Cat 6.

  • 24 Channels of wireless available in house.

  • A inventory of Wireless Handhelds, Body Packs, wired mics, monitors, and accessories can be provided upon request

Special FX / Atmospherics

  • 2 Chauvet Vessuvio Fog Machines (Quick Dissipating Fluid)

  • 2 Radiance Hazers (Luminous Haze Fluid)

  • Rosco Foggers (Rosco Fluids)

  • Fiber Optic Star Field

Scene Shop

  • Power tools, Chop Saw, Table Saw, etc. available for use by renters under MPAC Staff Supervision

  • Scrap lumber is available however renters must provide their own lumber for the construction of their sets

  • Set pieces constructed for use on the MPAC Stage must pass inspection by MPAC Manager, TD, or Assistant TD

  • Any items to be Hung from rigging system must pass inspection by MPAC Manager, TD, or Assistant TD

  • Rigging Materials can be provided by MPAC and then renter will be billed for any consumables used

Stage Management

  • Stage Manager's Stations are located in the Booth and Backstage Left

  • Wired Clear Com to Control Booth, Sound, Rigging (Stage Right), Stage Left, Pit, Box office, Tech Lounge, Catwalk/Followspots, Back of House, and Video

  • Clear Com base station in Control Booth

  • 5 Channels of Wireless Clear Com on Tempest System. (Connected to wired Clear Com)

  • 6 Channels of Wireless Headsets via Eartec System. (Connected to wired Clear Com)

Video System

  • Events held in McHale PAC can be recorded, live streamed to YouTube, Facebook, and more

  • Events can also be broadcast to Logansport's local cable channel

  • Live Video feed of stage to Lobbies, Backstage, Green Room, and Private Dressing Rooms

McHale Lineset Schedule.pdf